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10 Best Finance Podcasts

We analyze the 10 Best Finance Podcasts available in the market. Podcasts are a great tool to learn about a specific subject and make it possible for us to gain access to some of the best people in the industry.


  1. Macro Voices
  2. Doug Casey’s Take
  3. On the Margin
  4. George Gammon
  5. Real Vision
  6. Palisades Gold Radio
  7. Wealthion
  8. The Peter Schiff Show
  9. Be Smart by Jared Dillian
  10. Eurdollar University


The growth of the podcast industry over the past few years has been spectacular. Podcasts allow us to learn about numerous topics, including finance. And the interesting thing is that they cater to both beginners and professionals.

There are many podcasts about economics and the financial markets. These can be found on places like Youtube or any of the multiples podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcast and Spotify.

Finance podcasts can be found in multiple languages. Although most of the best finance podcasts are in English, thanks to the large number of content creators in the United States.

In the next few sections, I tell you the best 10 finance podcasts available, at least according to my opinion. I will also tell you what they are about, so that you can decide which ones you would like to listen to first.

1) Macro Voices

Macro Voices is a weekly financial podcast produced by Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna.

The podcast is broken down into three sections: a general commentary about the state of the economy and financial markets, a feature interview with a high caliber guest, and a technical analysis of the most important financial instruments.

Macro Voices is available on Youtube, most podcast platforms and its own website, where one can freely subscribe and receive the weekly podcast’s slide deck.

2) Doug Casey’s Take

Doug Casey is an American libertarian thinker, investor and philosopher. He founded Casey Research several decades ago, a company he has since sold.

In this podcast, organized between Doug and Doug’s friend Matthew Smith, several interesting topics are commented, including the general state of the financial markets, the economy, politics, and how to find those places in the world that can offer us a better quality of life and more freedom.

In this sense, Doug Casey’s Take is not only about finance, but about how to lead life to enjoy freedom, wealth and happines.

It is available on Youtube and iTunes. They also have a Telegram channel for those interested in submitting questions.

3) On The Margin

On The Margin is a podcast produced by the company Blockworks, run by Michael Ippolito. Available on Youtube, iTunes and other podcast platforms, important topics related to financial markets and the economy are analyzed, such as inflation, the stock market, commodities or cryptocurrencies. Several podcasts every week are published.

They have excellent presenters like Jack Farley and Joseph Wang. Although, at least in my opinion, the best podcast of the week is the one released on Saturdays, called Weekly Roundup, in which Michael Ippolito and Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, discuss very diverse and interesting matters.

4) George Gammon

George Gammon is a Youtuber who talks about macroeconomics, financial markets, real estate investing and current affairs in general. He is American but spends a lot of time in Colombia.

George has two YouTube channels: George Gammon and Rebel Capitalist. The former contains more elaborate videos in which George analyzes key macroeconomic topics. The latter is more about George analyzing and giving his opinion about current affairs.

5) Real Vision

Real Vision is one of the most successful finance channels on YouTube. Co-founded by the famous hedge fund manager Raoul Pal, Real Vision features daily content about the world of finance, macroeconomics and cryptocurrencies.

Their content can be in the form of short interviews about the state of financial markets, long interviews about more in-depth topics such as energy production or cryptocurrencies, and even Q&A with famous guests.

6) Palisades Gold Radio

Like its name indicates, this is a channel that focuses mainly on gold investing and precious metals. Produced by the Canadian Tom Bodrovics, it is published in the form of a feature interview.

Because the main topic is gold, its content is very much focused on monetary policy, international trade, interest rates, geopolitics and commodities.

Palisades Gold Radio also has its own website.

7) Wealthion

Founded by Adam Taggart, Wealthion is a financial advisory firm. It also has its own podcast, available on Youtube and most podcast platforms.

8) The Peter Schiff Show

Famous for being one of the biggest critics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, Peter Schiff is a brilliant economist and libertarian thinker. Originally from Connecticut in the United States, Peter currently lives in Puerto Rico. Peter moved to Puerto Rico to escape the US tax system.

An economist of the Austrian school, Peter is great at analyzing macroeconomic data and monetary policy. In addition, he is also extremely knowledgeable about the economic and monetary history of the United States, something that adds a lot of value to its podcast.

Another of his famous theories is that the US Dollar will lose a lot of value in the coming years and that the cost of living will continue to increase. This is blamed on the large-scale fiscal deficits of the US governments and the loose monetary policy of the Federal Reserve Bank.

9) Be Smart by Jared Dillian

Jared Dillian is an ex-Lehman Brothers trader who has had his own paid newsletter for several years. Jared publishes a couple of podcasts every week, of between 10 and 15 minutes. As a result, they are very easy to listen to.

Jared likes to talk about financial markets and market sentiment, but he also places a lot of importance on personal finance. He is also a very funny personality.

The podcast is available on Youtube and his own website.

10) Eurdollar University

Finally, Eurodollar University, a podcast produced by Jeff Snider, is great for those interested in the monetary system. Jeff comments on monetary policy and the state of the economy.

Unlike most other financial commentators, Jeff does not think that what the world has been experiencing since late 2020 is monetary inflation. The higher cost of living, according to him, is due to bad economic policies that lead to currency devaluation.

Apart from the best finance podcasts, another great resource to learn about investing and financial markets is this website, where you will find more than 200 posts.

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